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Our Story

 The Bottled Cocktail Company 

The Bottled Cocktail Company was established in 2020 from a group of friends who are passionate about cocktails and flavours.

We have over 20 years combined experience in drinks development, brand strategy and hospitality management, we worked for some of the best bar concepts in London and launched new spirits brands in the UK market – before setting up our latest project, the Bottled Cocktail Company.


At Bottled Cocktail Co. we approach prebatched drinks in a different way – crafting each detail meticulously of both liquid and packaging, with the mission of elevating the concept, quality and convenience of this emerging drinks category.


We believe that cocktails should not be relegated to cocktail bars. You should be able to enjoy them wherever you are, whenever you want.


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Whether you are looking for a delicious tipple to enjoy at home, or looking to improve your drinks offering, consistency and speed of service in your venue, we are here to help. Drop us a line and let’s break the ice.


Keep reading below if you want to learn more about who we are and what we do



Drinks Director

Keivan started his career as a bartender in 2009 and quickly moved into management role, running and assessing the operations of some of London's best cocktail bars.


In 2014 he took residency at the Zetter Townhouse, helping to shape the venue and establishing it as one of the World’s best Hotel bars, winning many industry awards. From 2015 he combined his role at the Zetter with a collaboration with the Drink Factory, one of the most creative drinks institutions of London at the time.

In 2017, captured by the many similarities between cocktails and perfumes, he started studying Natural Perfumery Art at the Perfumery Art School UK; to date, Keivan is creating bespoke fragrances and combining his knowledge of olfactory science and perfumery to his drinks. 

Since 2018 he has been collaborating with spirits brands and hospitality concepts to helping create perfect serves and devising training sessions, as well as being involved in new product development and creative brand development. 

In the same year, he co-wrote 'Make Something Bloody Marvellous' a gin-based cocktail book centred around foraged botanicals, which has been proudly shortlisted as one of the Global winners at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2020. 

His latest role was with whisky producer Greenwood Distillers, launching their brands in the UK market. 

At the end of 2020 he started to combine his background, knowledge and passions to bring the Bottled Cocktail Company to life. 

The Art of Pre-Batched Cocktails 

We have always been fascinated by pre-batched drinks. We spent nearly half of our lives working behind bars and therefore certainly agree that craft-cocktail-making is a fundamental part of the drinking experience in a bar — however, working with pre-batched drinks opens up a world of possibility in terms of flavour manipulation that it is simply not possible to achieve with traditional cocktail making.


Working with large quantities allows us to introduce certain flavours at very low thresholds, adding depths and length to drinks without compromising their structure. We can add incredibly powerful aromatic ingredients and make them work along with our recipe without overpowering the original flavour profile of the drink, as well as introducing phantom aromas and base-notes, which lift, increase and brighten up the most subtle and delicate notes in our ingredients.


Moreover, by working with powerful ingredients at low thresholds we can reduce the amount of sugar in the drink, without compromising its taste; we can manipulate the texture of our cocktails, increasing mouthfeel and flavours perception, resulting in a more round, complex and full-bodied tasting experience.


We allow our drinks to mature prior to bottling, using techniques from the natural perfumery world to generate a more round and mellow drink. When sipping on a classic-made cocktail, there's nearly a fine line between the ingredients which one can sense: it is like a roadmap of flavours, passing by the individual ingredients. But when we let a drink rest and mature in a bottle, such fine line disappears, resulting in a more homogeneous drink with its basic tastes and aromas perfectly blended together, for a superior tasting experience. 

While you might decide to compromise on a night out, you should never compromise on quality and flavours. We are here to bring one side of the mixology experience in the comfort of your home — but, building the other side of the experience with your friends and family is up to you.

We are bottling up moments and emotions, all you need to do is open them up, and share them with whom you want.

Wine Bottles
Fresh Flower
Culinary and Perfumery worlds meet in cocktail making

What do they have in common, you may ask? Probably much more that you think of.

For us, the three also have a personal aspect: they are all part of our background, our experience and fundamental part of how our curious mind grew. We wanted to encapsulate this in a bottle, celebrating how we got together, and the journey made so far.

Perfumes and Distillates (and why not, cocktails in general) have several things in common. Whether you macerate, distil and blend your botanicals to create libations — or manipulate pure scents to create a fragrance — these processes and their theory are not far off between one another. It is all about learning how different aromas and ingredients interact between each other, and how to combine them in order to create something truly remarkable.

Perfumery Art goes deep into the chemical aspect of an aroma, analysing how we sense flavour by combining different aromatic molecules. This knowledge can have a great impact on how botanicals are combined in a recipe to work in harmony. After all, 80% of what we perceive as flavour comes from our sense of smell, and only 20% of it actually comes from our palate.

The first time we got introduced to the similarities between perfumes and cocktails, back in 2015, something in our brains clicked, and our approach to classic cocktail making has changed for good. This is not about researching the most obscure ingredients, or delivering something overly complicated that most people won’t understand. It is about re-learning and re-working the simplest things, keeping their structure and integrity unchanged, while at the same time improving it.

Since then, we have been busy in studying perfumery art and applying this knowledge to our cocktail and spirits making simply because, if you want to succeed at your job, then you should learn more than your job.

The Culinary world is another integral part of our background.

We grew up in the kitchen, whether it was at our Mother’s or a Restaurant. Working alongside great chefs in our career has taught us the respect for produce, the ethic that a cook should have towards his/her ingredients to analyse every single aspect of them in order to manipulate their taste, aroma and texture to get the most out of the utilised products.

There is an inspirational aspect you learn by working in a kitchen, one that is difficult to get anywhere else. And we are so glad we did.

It is this love for the ingredients around us, and the mystery of the intricate world of scents and flavours, that created, and will continue to inspire, the Bottled Cocktail Company — it is all about bottling great flavours to create memorable moments with them.

Building a better future, one cocktail at the time

We have always been committed to do our bit for the planet, our community and our neighbours. And now that we established our first business, we believe we should take our commitment a step further.


Being as close to zero-waste as virtually possible didn’t simply feel enough to us; we believe there is so much more we could and should do for our community, whether local or global.

There are certain topics that really matter to us. Perhaps because as young guys growing up in the 90s, we have literally seen the world changing, or because we know what it means to live a difficult life, or in a society without equality.

We decided that never mind how small our new business will start, grow and develop, we must be committed towards the causes that matter to us, beginning not after the first year, not after the first profit, or after we have already taken back from our community; the best moment to start is now. If we don’t start today, we won’t have a better future tomorrow. We are small, but we firmly believe that small choices lead to big changes.

Protecting the Environment

Providing a fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging simply didn't feel enough to us. For how little our carbon emissions can be, being a small family-and-friends-run business, they are inevitably contributing to negative changes in our world. It does not matter whether we produce one bottle or a million, whether we dispatch one parcel or hundreds per week, if we produce something that is somehow negative for our environment, we must do something good in return. After all, as per cocktails, it is all a matter of balance.

We decided that from our very first day, we will donate to Trees For Cities for the (urban) reforestation of our local community and beyond, and we have the intention of growing this further as we grow ourselves.

Whenever possible, we will also choose low carbon emission deliveries with couriers prioritising electric vehicles on short and long distances, and of course bicycle couriers for our local orders!

The Right to a Safe Home

A safe home should not be a luxury, but a basic right. We understand the importance of having a place to call ‘home’, and we felt on our skin how it is not having access to this ‘comfort’. Now that we consider ourselves lucky enough, we understand that unfortunately it is not the same for many others. We decided to donate to Shelter UK, to return our bit to the community and help those in need, and we will continue to do so as ourselves, and our business grows.

The Flip Side of the Coin 

We like a tipple or two; or three, or even four. But we do understand that for one reason or another, moderation is not for everyone. Alcohol abuse can be linked to several causes. Whatever they are, we should not discriminate against them, create labels and emarginate people; instead, we should offer our help, and support either direct or indirect victims of alcohol abuse to the best of our abilities. As producers of alcoholic beverages, we thought we should consider this carefully and raise greater awareness on the topic.

We want you to enjoy our products, but even more we want you to enjoy life, spreading nothing but love to your relatives, friends and strangers, and of course, to yourself. Moderation should always be the key with alcohol. 

Moreover, we have the moral duty to protect children from alcohol harm, as well as helping educating individuals about alcohol use and abuse. We have decided to donate to The Alcohol Education Trust, a small focused charity which works across the UK to keep children safe around alcohol, supporting young people and parents in making more informed life choices regarding alcohol consume. 


Please consider that these are our three pillars, our ethic, and our way to live and lead life. This is not a “you-buy-something-and-we-do-something-good” kind of approach.

We are here to contribute to these key issues in our community and the world regardless, and we will continue to do so until our business is alive. As we grow ourselves, we’ll keep growing the support we offer, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Building a better future, one cocktail at the time.

Our donations are managed through Work for Good, and will be updated and paid at the end of each quarter, and they will increase as our business grows. 

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Bottled Cocktails, premium bottled cocktails delivery london, best bottled cocktails delivery london
Bottled Cocktails, premium bottled cocktails delivery london, best bottled cocktails delivery london
Bottled Cocktails, premium bottled cocktails delivery london, best bottled cocktails delivery london
Bottled Cocktails, premium bottled cocktails delivery london, best bottled cocktails delivery london
Bottled Cocktails, premium bottled cocktails delivery london, best bottled cocktails delivery london
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