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Old Fashioned, 23% abv

Bourbon Whiskey, Aromatic Bitters, Tahitian Vanilla & Labdanum

Old Fashioned

Indulge in the ultimate classic with our Old Fashioned, a sophisticated twist on this iconic cocktail. Our delicious blend of Bourbon Whiskey, aromatic bitters, Tahitian vanilla and Labdanum essence creates a unique palate-pleasing fusion of flavours that is designed to be enjoyed on its own, anytime.


Tahitian vanilla is less sweet than other types of vanilla and it is characterized by a darker, earthy and woody flavour profile, while Labdanum is the resin obtained from the cistus tree, and imparts a woody, balsamic, musky and amber-y aroma. These two ingredients combined creates the perfect balance of complexity that complement and intensify the flavours in the bourbon.


The result is a perfect marriage of vanilla, caramel, and dark spices with woody, musky and amber-y notes, creating a round, smooth and flavourful twist on the old fashioned cocktail.

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that has been around since the late 1800s. It is a simple yet sophisticated drink that is made with sugar (originally a sugar cube), aromatic bitters, spirit, and water (or, ice). It is considered one of the oldest and most traditional cocktails, pretty much a prototype and precursor or many modern cocktail recipes.


One of the great things about our Old Fashioned is the versatility in terms of serving. Being bottled at 23% abv, if you prefer a strong and boozy serve, just pour it in a cocktail glass straight from the fridge; alternatively, you can serve it in a tumbler glass over ice cubes, which allows the drink to benefit from a bit of dilution, opening up the flavours as you sip.


We only use a small amount of sugar syrup in this drink, around 50ml per bottle, equalling to 5-8ml of dissolved sugar per serve. The temperature at which you will serve the drink will affect the perception of sweetness in your glass. The colder it is, the less sweet and drier it will be perceived. If you’re serving it neat, the perception of sweetness will be greater.


Another benefit of our blending and ageing techniques is that the drink has an extra-long shelf life and actually improves with age if stored correctly. This means you can enjoy it for a longer period of time, and the flavours will only get better with time. Make sure you store it in a cool, dark place, away from any direct light source.

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