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Passion Fruit Spritz, 18% abv

Vodka, Bitter Orange, Passion Fruit & Bergamot

Passion Fruit Spritz

Indulge in the ultimate summer experience all-year-round with our Passion Fruit Spritz, a delicious blend of tropical passion fruit, vodka, bitter orange aperitif and our own aromatic bergamot essence, that creates a harmonious blend of flavours, designed to be stretched out with sparkling wine, tonic water, or your favourite mixer.


Pour a large measure in your glass, top up with prosecco, and as you take a sip, the subtle aroma of bergamot combined with exotic, sweet and slightly tart passion fruit will tantalise your senses, revealing layers of complexity from the aromatic botanicals in the bitter orange aperitif.


This cocktail is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking to add a touch of paradise to your summertime or simply looking to try something different from the usual spritz. Just add the mixer and enjoy!

Our Passion Fruit Spritz is made with high-quality ingredients that are carefully selected to create a delicious and unique flavour profile. The vodka used in this drink comes from 58&Co., a craft distillery in East London that is also a certified B Corp. We also use the highest quality of organic passion fruit extract, which has an incredibly fresh and fragrant aroma, and it is also incredibly sustainable, allowing us to achieve a zero-waste policy in production.


We also use Verjus as a source of acidity for our Passion Fruit Spritz. Verjus is a type of unfermented grape juice that is made from unripe grapes. It has a distinct and tangy flavour profile, with a crisp acidity reminiscent of lemon or green apples. The extremely sour flavour of Verjus comes from the high levels of malic acid and tartaric acids found in the unripe grapes, making it a great way to incorporate a crisp, fresh, acidity in cocktails. It also contributes to the long shelf-life of the drink and remove the needs to work with powdered acids to achieve balance in our creations.


Our blending and ageing techniques allow for a long shelf life in this drink if stored correctly, although we advise to consume this within six months from purchase. Store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct light source. Once opened, it will keep for a good amount of time, if refrigerated.


To enjoy it, pour 50-70ml in a wine glass over ice cubes, top up with the mixer and stir gently to combine, like you would do for a gin & tonic or a classic spritz. You can try it with sparkling wine, tonic water, white wine, grapefruit soda, pineapple juice… sky is the limit!


As we only use natural and organic ingredients, in some cases, you may notice some minor sediment in the bottle. This is completely normal. If that happens, shake the bottle before pouring.

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