El Presidente, 23% abv. 

Aged Rum, Italian Vermouth, Triple Sec & Pomegranate


This classic Cuban drink combines aged rum with sweet vermouth, orange liqueur and pomegranate, resulting in a triumph of vanilla, molasses and honeyed notes, dark spices, candied citrus and red fruits.


We let the ingredients mature prior bottling, resulting in a smoother, rounder drink. It is complex and full-bodied, boasting different layers of flavours. 


Perfect both as an aperitif and digestif, this cocktail is designed to be drank on its own. Keep refrigerated and pour 70ml-100ml in a chilled glass. Add ice cubes if desired, as well as a tiny piece of grapefruit or orange zest. Enjoy! 



This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.


Best before one year from purchase 

El Presidente


Keep refrigerated. Pour 70ml-100ml neat, or over ice cubes if you prefer. Garnish with a zest of grapefruit or orange.

70cl bottle will make 7-10 serves