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Elderflower Highball, 20% abv

Gin, Elderflower, Lime & Fresh-cut-grass-essence

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Indulge il the ultimate refreshment with our Elderflower Highball, a unique blend of flavours that creates a perfect balance of sweetness, crisp acidity, and fragrant aromas.

Our expert blend of gin, elderflower, lime and fresh-cut-grass essence create a rich and complex tapestry of flavours that is designed to be paired with tonic water, soda, or your favourite mixer.


The elderflower and fresh-cut-grass essence imparts a sweet and floral aroma, with subtle hints of green, chlorophyl, and fruity flavours, rounded off by zesty lime and traditional gin botanicals, making this cocktail perfect for any occasion. The fresh-cut-grass essence is an isolated distillate whose aroma is reminiscent of freshly mown grass, adding a unique touch of freshness and aroma, brightening up the other flavours and making this highball cocktail stand out from the rest.


Just add tonic or soda and the result is a fruity and floral profile, with delicate green botanicals and subtle perfumed notes.


Highballs are a style of cocktails that traditionally consist of a spirit, such as gin, whiskey or rum, mixed with a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer, such as soda, tonic or ginger ale.

They are served in long glasses, typically called Highball glasses, filled with ice cubes and garnishes with citrus. Highballs are often considered as simple, easy-drinking cocktails that are great for casual settings and for those who want to enjoy the taste of the spirit without the overwhelming alcohol content.


The gin used in this cocktail comes from 58&Co., a craft distillery in East London that is a certified B Corp. We also use Verjus as a source of acidity for our Elderflower Highball. Verjus is a type of unfermented grape juice that is made from unripe grapes. It has a distinct and tangy flavour profile, with a crisp acidity reminiscent of lemon or green apples. The extremely sour flavour of Verjus comes from the high levels of malic acid and tartaric acids found in the unripe grapes, making it a great way to incorporate a crisp, fresh, acidity in cocktails. It also contributes to the long shelf-life of the drink and remove the needs to work with powdered acids to achieve balance in our creations. Our elderflower and lime oil are organic extracts that possess a great fresh, vibrant and flavourful aroma profile, and they are great sustainable options that helps us achieve a zero-waste policy in production. The fresh-cut-grass essence (aka, Cis-3-Hexen-1-ol) is a type of leaf aldehyde, a natural recurring compound in botanicals, and has a green, fresh, fruity aroma, and it is obtained through fractional distillation.


Our blending and ageing techniques allow for a long shelf life in this drink if stored correctly, although we advise to consume this within six months from purchase. Store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct light source. Once opened, it will keep for a good amount of time, if refrigerated.


To enjoy it, pour 50-70ml in a wine glass over ice cubes, top up with the mixer and stir gently to combine, like you would do for a gin & tonic or a classic spritz. You can try it with tonic water, soda water, ginger ale, prosecco, flavoured tonics… sky is the limit!


As we only use natural and organic ingredients, in some cases, you may notice some minor sediment in the bottle. This is completely normal. If that happens, shake the bottle before pouring.

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